Before industrial revelation carpenters main consumptions was rough solid wood.  During this revelation in Europe and U.S. carpentry experienced a lot changes as well as other trades.  With the invention of wood cutting machines such as slicer and piller, higher grade logs would be cut to veneers and with pressing them on lower grade woods or MDF or … a huge difference was made in wood industry both cost and quality wise.  These inventions, with the protection of Iran's government, were introduced to our local markets after 1340's (1960's). 

     In 1365 (1986) Bolouri brothers with stablishing "Roosta Wood Products" started slicing veneers with slicer machines in Iran as the first privet wood production company.  In a short period of time, Roosta was able to provide Iran's wood market with the highest quality of different species of veneers specially Elm.  Therefore this improvement in quality was the biggest reason for higher demand in the local market.  These improvements got Roosta number of official rewards from the government in a short period of time.

     By mid 1380's (year 2000) with law changes towards green life protection policies in Iran resulting huge decrees in log quantity inside country, Roosta decided to move the production over borders.  Therefore the local market was introduced with more diversity of species of veneers and woods.  Over time with trade improvements, Roosta was able to make more and more deals with companies in different countries such as China, Turkey, Europe, Canada and U.S.  By the year 2007 "Ariyana Rookesh" was stablished and Roosta gave all the rights to distribute its productions throw out Middle East and Iran's local market. 

     Ariyana Rookesh Group started its distributions by 2007 with one sales office inside Iran's main wood market (Khavaran industrial complex). By this time our group proudly owns five different locations all over the country for our local markets and one up to dated head office for Middle East markets such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq and Arabic countries.